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BBPRESENTSThe Fortress of Nerditude is about getting the most out of your tech.  I have started out making videos that give step by step instructions on flashing ROMs and customizing smart phones. So far I’ve been able to get my hands on a Galaxy S2, a Galaxy Nexus, a Galaxy Note II, and an Evo 4G LTE, all Sprint variants.  In the near future I hope to make videos for some newer devices.

I also share a bit of my other personal interests in blog posts under the heading “Broke Bachelor Forum”.  This section is an expression of who I am other than a huge technophile.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the content.  Please feel free to offer any feedback on the blog in the comment sections.  I am very open to suggestions and would like to publish material that appeals readers. Also, I will be supplementing the blog with content on my social media networks regularly.  Just click any of the links on the top right of the page. Be well and to my fellow nerds, happy flashing!



  • Mark Sims says:

    Your website looks great Scott! I have to let you know that I chose my email ttnltpd@kc.rr.com because of your father and how inspiring he was to me. I’ve had it around 15 years!
    Hope all is well you.

  • Ladeaux, (alias Patrick)

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