Guy Kawasaki: 12 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Steve Jobs

The day after Steve Jobs died, Guy Kawasaki made a presentation at the

Silicon Valley Bank’s CEO Summit.  This is a synopsis of that presentation made on October 6th, 2011.

12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki:

  1. “Experts” are clueless. “Steve Jobs did not listen to experts, experts listened to him.”
  2. Customers cannot tell you what they need.  “You can’t ask a customer how to create a revolution.”
  3. Biggest challenges beget the best work.  “Apple enabled employees to do the best work of their career.”
  4. Design counts.  “It’s much easier to enchant people with great design than with crap.”
  5. Big Graphics and Big Fonts (in presentations).  “Steve Jobs puts up slides with one word.”
  6. Jump curves, not better sameness.  “Don’t be 10% better, be 10 times better; telegraph to telephone.”
  7.  “Work” or “Doesn’t Work”, that’s all that matters.  “Is the iOS App store an open or closed system?”…”It doesn’t matter.”…”What’s best for the business and its customers?”
  8. “Value” is different than “Price”.  “Is a Macintosh truly more expensive when you consider the increased productivity, the ease of use, and the lower support costs?”
  9. A players hire A players.  “B players hire C players so that they don’t rise above them.”STEVE-guy-kawasaki
  10. Real CEO’s demo.”  “No bullshit MBA’s brought in for their credentials.”
  11. Real entrepreneurs ship.  “Sometimes you have to ship products with ‘crappy’ elements, but their revolutionary products with ‘crappy’ elements…i.e. the first laser printer.”
  12. Some things need to be believed to be seen.  “If you wait for proof, or customer validation, it will never happen…you have to believe it.”

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