Install Dirty Unicorns 2/2/14 Android 4.4.2 KitKat to Your Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE

The KitKat version of my favorite ROM is here

for the Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE!  Dirty Unicorns is the epitome of why I am an Android user.  Choice, style, freedom, flexibility, and fun.  Formerly based on AOKP, the ROM is now built on top of OmniROM.  Credit for influence is given on their XDA thread to both OmniROM and AOKP, as well as, ChaOS, ParanoidAndroid, and SlimRoms.  Here is a partial list of the features listed on their thread:

— Facebook Sync Hackdu
— PDroid patches included
— Immersive mode
— Hot Reboot Option
— Appbar (ribbons)
— Customizable Quick Settings
— Customizable power menu
— Customizable lockscreen shortcuts
— App Ops access in Settings
— TRDS (built in theme in settings)
— Statusbar Clock options
— NavBar Options
— Halo from Paranoidandroid
— Halo size changer
— Hardware key remap mod
— Battery Bar / Circle batteriesSequence 02.Still002
— Network speed indicators in statusbar
— Koush Superuser
— Build.prop mods
— Init.d Tweaks
— Active Display (Moto X notifications)
— ListView Animations
— Custom System Animations
— Custom BusyDialog
— Advanced Low Battery Indicator optionsSequence 02.Still001
— ScreenShot QuickTrash
— Color Changing PhaseBeam
— Gesture Anywhere
— Button Light Notification
— Statusbar Color options
— Hosts file manager (ad-free option)
— OmniSwitch (multi-tasking tool)
— Driving Mode
— Lockscreen theme options
— Lockscreen notifications / options

Download Links:

Dirty Unicorns ROM File

GApps File

For install instructions and a hands-on review of the ROM, see the following video:

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