My Top 3 Favorite Podcasts: Part I

Let me begin by expressing my admiration for podcasts and their creators

as they are essentially second jobs to most of them and free entertainment for us.  Podcast consumption has become a regular part of my weekly routine.  Every day I’m on the computer or checking my phone at some point to see if any of my favorites have posted new content.

iTS_logo_FINALToday’s post honors a podcaster about whom I’ve blogged about more than once now.  She keeps me bookscoming back every Tuesday for new shows plus a bonus show once every month.  She just recently dropped a bestselling book on us named after a recurring ritual of the podcast, “Self-Inflicted Wounds”.  When I said this was  second job for these people it definitely did not apply to her, as this is like her 8th job.

My first installment of My Top 3 Podcasts is about the one and only Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler.

To hear me elaborate on all the reasons I endorse this show, enjoy the video below:

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