My Top 3 Favorite Podcasts-Part II

Hilarious, quick-witted, smart, dead honest, and hard working are just a few

words I would use to describe the creator of my second featured podcast.  Jay Mohr is relentlessly funny.  He takes it seriously when he sets out to get laughs.  He’s always thinking about the audience and if they’re enjoying the conversation.  At the same time he takes good care to mention the guest’s name and social media handles dozens of times throughout the show, not to mention the show or book the guest is there to plug.  Jay has a few sponsors and instead of taking ten minutes at the beginning of the show or doing canned spot during, he spreads the sponsor messages throughout the podcast gently interjecting them into casual conversation.   They are even funny the way he does them.

mohrClearly very talented, given his ability to provide rapid fire laughs for an hour straight and the evidence of his resume, Jay is brutally honest about his flaws, past and present.  From panic attacks on the set of SNL, to bouts with an JAYMOHRaddiction to cough medicine Jay won’t let his speckled past allow him to miss a beat when he’s on the mic.  A devout Catholic, don’t expect Jay to come with a psalm and a sermon, this is not your mother’s podcast, there will be adult content, although he does make an effort no to be overly blue.

To learn more about why I love this podcast, check out the following video:

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