Rooting your Galaxy Nexus with MSKIP’s Toolkit

Using MSKIP’s Galaxy Nexus Toolkit to root your device:

This is a piece of software that will do just about all the work.  It will install the USB Drivers, Unlock your Bootloader, Install Busybox, Install a Custom Recovery, and Root your device. This is an incredible piece of work done by XDA Recognized Developer MSKIP.  There are a few moments where you’ll need to make some decisions and I learned how to navigate the interface watching QBKING77’s tutorial video about the toolkit.  The only reason I did this video is because I personally have a Galaxy Nexus, and I wanted to show that the current version of the Toolkit has a much more updated list of Galaxy Nexus devices than the one shown in QBKing77’s video.

Download link:

MSKIP’s Galaxy Nexus Toolkit

The following is a video of me rooting my device with toolkit.


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