Test Drive a Leaked Version of the New Facebook Interface (download)

What is being reported as a much “flatter”, “cleaner” redesign of the

Facebook UI is has surfaced on the interwebs!  There is a leaked test APK floating around the web, thanks to Cult of Android, that anyone can download.  I, of course, could not resist as I am a whore for new software updates even when I am doomed to regret it after a few hours, as I have so many times before.  So I download the APK, install it and take Facebook for a spin…and I couldn’t tell the difference. I mean, I can tell, but the changes are so subtle I’m not sure who it is going to please or displease.  Anyway, you be the judge.  I’ve inserted screenshots of both versions below for your comparing pleasure.  Let me know in the comments section what you think.  Is this iOS7-ish facelift better, worse or niether.

So if you would like to take this APK for a test drive of your own there are two things you need to know:

  1. You’ll need to uninstall your existing Facebook app for this to install properly.
  2. You’ll also need to disable auto-updates in your Play Store’s Settings or your device will immediately revert back to the 3.9 release and then you’ll really be confused.

Facebook v. (download) 


Below are screenshots of my Facebook (3.9) page prior to the update:

Screenshot_2013-11-25-11-10-32 Screenshot_2013-11-25-11-09-52Screenshot_2013-11-25-11-09-44Screenshot_2013-11-25-11-09-19

Below are screenshots of my Facebook ( page after the update:


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