What Are Your Top 3 Must Have Smartphone Apps?

I thought it would be cool to compile a list of the favorite smartphone apps of  a large sample of my social network community.  I figured many people will have one or two in common, but hopefully everyone will have one obscure app that hasn’t gotten that big yet and may be a new discovery for others in the group.  Well, starting today June 6th, I’m asking my Broke Bachelor readers as well as my social network community (FB, G+, Twitter) to submit 3 smartphone apps they could not live without.  A week from today I will announce the results, do a review video of the top 3 and a blog post on the top ten. See you all in a week.

Submit your entries in the reply section below.

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  • Dickie says:

    Google Drive and Google Currents are must have out of common apps. My guilty pleasure app is Marvel War of Heroes card game app. It is to me what candy crush is to others.

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