What’s Up with MIUI? (MIUI Platform & Xiaomi Tech Corp. Overview)

Based on AOSP, MIUI is an aftermarket firmware for Android devices developed by

a Chinese start-up by the name of Xiaomi Tech Corporation (pronounced she-yo-me).  It’s distinctively different than most ROMs including the absence of an app drawer.  MIUI  (pronounced me-you-i) stands for Mobile Internet User Interface.  Similar to iOS devices the interface is simply beautiful.  In fact there have been criticisms that MIUI has tried to emulate the look of the iPhone.  I fell in love MIUI Official English Sitewith the look of my phone right away with MIUI.  Every detail is a work of art, pleasing to the eye and equally functional.  Distraught initially due to the lack of an app drawer, after about 5 minutes playing with my phone, I got used to it.  Everything is on the screen.  If you’re interested in a mostly clean home screen you do have the option to create “stacks” of apps that take up much less space.

The Xiaomi Tech Corporation is located in Beijing, China and in addition to software is in the hardware business.  Xiaomi has a very loyal following as a result of the customer feedback consistently driving the development of the company’s products…and I mean consistent.  Every Friday the Xiaomi engineers release a new update to MIUI, they call it Orange Friday and its all about implementing customer suggestions.  Their customer friendly approach seems to be serving them well as the phones they make always sell out and the Xiaomi Tech Corporation recently received a $10 Billion valuation.  The recent addition of Hugo Barra, former V.P. Product Management for Android is sure to prove to be a value added move.

Some of the features of the MIUI platform:

  • new music appMiui-Android1
  • new gallery
  • new camera app
  • dialer that identifies likely contacts based on the numbers being dialed and also offers one touch in-call recording
  • very cool compass app
  • theme chooser that allows the complete redesign of a phone’s UI in about 3 keystrokes to one of dozens of theme options
  • many, many more

To learn more about why MIUI appeals to me check out the following videos:

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